Why Study in Germany?

Main reasons why international students choose Germany

  • Free or low tuition fees. 
  • World class education.
  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Hundreds of academic courses.
  • Cultural diversity-  students from all over the world.
  • Endless opportunities to work in Germany after you graduate.
  • You can study every subject in English, no need to speak German.
  • The cost of living is affordable.

Free or affordable education

EU as well as Non-EU students are exempt from paying tuition fees in Germany for the majority of programs offered by public institutions. Nearly all public universities in Germany have introduced tuition-free education in 2014 and only charge a small administrative fee (€150-€250/semester). Tuition fees may apply only for some second cycle programs. There are hundreds of universities in Germany that have free or very low-fee tuition programs available for international students. Whether you want to study Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business, Germany is the place to be. Combining high quality education with a unique cultural experience living in Germany is the main reason why young people from all around the world come to Germany.


Excellent higher education system

Germany is at the forefront of innovation, science, and research. Its higher education sector is valued and recognized worldwide.


Opportunity to work during studies

International students can work part-time during their studies to earn an extra income.


Working in Germany after graduation

Graduates who come from EU/EEA member country do not need to have a work permit to work in Germany after their study.

Graduates, who come from non-EU/EEA countries like India, can work in Germany after they finish their studies by extending their residence permit for up to 18 months after graduation. These 18 months begin as soon as you finish your final exams, so it would be best if you start looking for employment while you are still at university, or during your final semester. Keep in mind that during these 18 months, you can work whatever job you can in order to support yourself until you find full-time employment, and it does not necessarily have to be related to your field of study.


Applicant need to submit below documents for Extension Of Residence Permit

  • Personal ID and Passport.
  • Proof of Graduation from a German University.
  • Proof of Financial Resources.
  • Proof of Health Insurance.


After you obtain the extended residence permit, you can use the 18 months to find employment in Germany. During this time you can work any job in any field to support yourself financially.



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