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Investor Visa

Investment Residency

We are providing complete solution for temporary residence card for investment in Georgia.

Georgia is one of most popular tourist place.

Presently real estate price in Georgia is very low compare to all other developed countries. Real estate price are growing faster in Georgia. Property in Georgia can give you best ROI (Return On Investment) as Georgia has many Medical, engineering universities and every year thousands of students are enrollingĀ  to study here. They are living on rent during their studies. Also Georgia is increasing number of tourist and business every year. Georgia is on 7th rank world wide for ease of doing business. So there are many entrepreneur investing in small business in Georgia.

You can get residence card with the minimum investment of $100,000 and if you hold it for 6 years you can get permanent residency for your self and your close family. This amount is very low compare to all other developed countries. With this residence card you can get all the resident benefits in Georgia.

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Reference links

Here are some government reference site to provide you latest and exact details about this residence card. We strongly recommend you to refer this sites.